Maintenance & Repairs

Setting the bar for quality.

Avoid bigger issues by attending to the small ones quickly. The importance of preventative maintenance cannot be overstated. Our firm works with the board to identify the most important budget elements. We encourage many associations to prepare expense projections based on professional reserve study recommendations. For day-to-day concerns, HMS has a dedicated team on staff available to work on immediate repairs — large or small.

Day-to-Day Operational Support

  • Inspect Association Common Areas

  • Arrange for Maintenance of Association Property

  • Preparing Cyclic Maintenance Schedule

  • Schedule All Maintenance as Needed

  • Provide Routine Maintenance Support

  • Perform Periodic Inventory of Association Assets

  • Create a Photo Log Book of All Association Assets

Capital Improvements & Common Area Repairs

  • Identifying Qualified Contractors and Verifying References

  • Preparing Work Specification and Presenting Proposals

  • Managing Periodic Contractor Payments and Supervising Work Progress

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.
— John F. Kennedy