Satisfied Clients

Reliable systems and dependable staff are the keys our to success. At HMS, we have analyzed the most important elements of community management and established the tools necessary to create a predictable product. We focus on team member and client retention, not volume. As such, HMS enjoys stable portfolios and a dedicated staff.

In HMS' most recent Client Satisfaction Survey, over 97% of our Board Members indicated that they were satisfied with the professional advice provided by HMS. Of the original 10 management contracts that HMS signed, most of those communities are still managed by HMS over 20 years later. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients for the long term, by providing quality consultation that protects and enhances the value of their community's assets.

Tailored Association Services

HMS offers a variety of plans, and allows the Board to select the level they desire. The association only pays for the services it needs. In addition, Boards can add or remove services in the future as volunteer availability changes. Respecting budget concerns in regards to management fees, and every other line item, is one of the benefits of using our company.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle