No Surprise Pricing

Custom Packages Available!

One of the most important roles of the Board of Directors is to manage the budget. Surprise fees on the monthly management bill is not what our communities need. Your Association’s services are predetermined and our contract clarifies expenses and costs clearly. In addition, HMS invoices are easily visible to the Board online, just like any other vendor.

HMS offers a variety of programs and with all these options, it can seem difficult to decide on a plan. Don’t worry, we are here to make it stress-free! Simply select the items your Association currently needs, or allow us to analyze your budget and suggest an appropriate plan. No matter what your Board requests, rest assured that our charges are predictable and our contracts have no hidden administrative costs!

  • No “Office Supply” Fees

  • No “Invoice Processing” Fees

  • No “Postage Mark-up” Fees

  • No “Fax or Telephone” Fees

  • No “Check or Banking” Fees

  • No “Standard Website” Fees

Our “Bird’s-Eye View” page clarifies the step-by-step process when considering Homeowner Management Services, and a simple checklist highlights our three main Relationship Levels: Financial, Membership, and Partnership. Options and complimentary services are also easy to identify.

Creativity is a continual surprise.
— Ray Bradbury