Vendor & Project Management

From pipes to pools, we’ve got you covered!

HMS has vendor relationships with multiple professionals able to satisfy all of your community’s needs. As an HMS client, your Board will enjoy unique solutions for common problems, competitive prices, and relationships built on long-term trust. Upon Board direction, project management for capital improvements can be handled by our dedicated HMS construction team.

Bid Procurement & Project Management

  • Identification of Qualified Providers, Verification of Insurance

  • Presentation of Final Qualified Bids and Facilitation of Final Contracts

  • Review of Bid Quality and Presentation of Alternative Options

  • Common Area Inspections to Ensure Service Levels Meet Expectations

Access System Maintenance

  • Maintain Computer Database of Access Codes

  • Update Access Schedule of Members

  • Remove/Restore Access Due to Delinquency

Insurance Claim Filing

  • Securing Sites as Needed on an Emergency Basis

  • Develop and Administer A Claim Filing Plan

  • Obtaining Quotes Needed for Repair or Restoration

  • Submitting Bids to the Association

  • Reviewing Progress of Claim Settlement

  • Monitoring Progress of Work Completion

Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent.
— David Rockwell