Inspections & Compliance

Making it easy to be a good neighbor!

At HMS we know that one of the most important responsibilities we have is to educate residents about architectural control guidelines. Systems that help facilitate exterior change requests and reminders of community standards are critical. Our services can include complete inspections of individual properties, non-compliance letters, ongoing correspondence with residents, and initiation of fines. HMS highly encourages broadcast messaging to limit the overall number of issues and neighborhood websites provide homeowners with easy access to Governing Documents and guidelines. Our professional staff can handle all types of difficult situations, allowing the Board more time to focus on strategic items.

Architectural Control Requests

  • Assist with Preparing and Delivering Required Forms

  • Online System for Requests, Status, and Updates

  • Architectural Committee Training Materials

  • Ongoing Communication with Individual Homeowners

  • Archive of Approvals, Denials, and Correspondence

  • Instructional Materials and Video Tutorials


Compliance Notices

  • Document Reviews

  • Covenant Reminders

  • Planned Inspections

  • Compliance Notices

  • Intent to Fine Notices

  • Regular and Certified Mail

  • Adding Fines as Needed

  • Communication Archive

  • Current Legislation Training


I feel a responsibility to my backyard. I want it to be taken care of and protected.
— Annie Leibovitz