Lease Monitoring

For Sale or Rent… Can you tell which is which?

As your management company, we keep careful records of all homeowner sales and contact information for all our clients. A lease monitoring program is also available as an option. This service provides detailed research into occupancy status, lease documentation, and wait list management. Reports and records are available monthly. Depending our your governing documents, this level of review may be available at no charge to the Association.

Homeowner Sales

  • Accurate List of Owners

  • Real Estate Closing Letters

  • Account Status Letters

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Mortgage Questionnaires

  • Real Estate Agent Correspondence

  • Welcome Packages

  • Homeowner Education

Lease Monitoring

  • Community-Wide Audits

  • Occupancy Verification

  • Monthly Reports

  • Leasing Cap Monitoring

  • Wait List Management

  • Lease Policy Administration

  • Tenant Education

  • Unauthorized Lease Management

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