Company History

Committed to Serving Community Associations in Georgia Since 1993

Home & Community

Everyone remembers the first day in their new place — all the happiness, excitement, and anticipation. In our modern world, the home search has become less focused on the physical structure, and more focused on quality of life. Whether it is a hip loft in mid-town, walking distance from favorite restaurants, or an expansive swim and tennis neighborhood in the suburbs, home buyers often prioritize community living above all else. Everyone expects their neighborhood to be well-maintained, attractive and financially stable. Many properties offer manicured grounds, beautiful amenities and even social events. Although homeowners love the benefits, few realize the time, money and effort required to keep these communities running smoothly.

As a Board member, you understand all the moving parts and the importance of professional management. That’s where we come in. As one of the most respected companies in Georgia, HMS offers a series of services and systems that make our company a trusted partner for your Association. Our mission is to ensure that your community is thriving, and that volunteer work is efficient and rewarding.

Local Ownership

HMS was founded in 1993 by Michael W. Crew. After serving as the first treasurer of his homeowners association, he and his Board of Directors were seeking a higher level of service and consultation from their management company. Based on those needs and his experience as an engineer, Michael formed Homeowner Management Services Inc. over 26 years ago. We celebrate knowledge and hold our company to the highest standards in the industry.

Our Mission

HMS' Mission is to have a long-term partnership with your community, to enhance and protect its value, allowing residents to enjoy the lifestyle that they deserve. We are committed to following through on promises, and to being transparent, open, and honest while improving your community. Everything we do is designed to make Board life easier, and enhance harmony in your neighborhood.


Associations are often misunderstood. As leaders, it is our goal to educate and inform not only Board members, but homeowners as well. Detailed communications have been designed to clarify the governing documents, and the role the Board plays in supporting the association. Unique tools such as explainer videos make concepts much more interesting and easier to understand. Our involvement in the Community Association Institute brings valuable resources and current information to our company, while the national trade shows we attend offer a window into the best technology and support systems available. Our responsiveness is measured daily, and Board members have easy access to track progress on tasks and outstanding items through a project management tool.

97% Client Retention Rate

Reliable systems and dependable staff are the keys to our success. At HMS, we have analyzed the most important elements of community management and established the tools necessary to create a predictable product. We focus on team member and client retention, not volume. As such, HMS enjoys stable portfolios and a dedicated staff. We continue to serve the majority of our first ten clients from our opening in 1993.

Our Focus

  • Master Planned Communities

  • HOAs / Residential Subdivisions

  • Condominiums, including High-Rise Condominiums

  • Townhome Communities

  • Commercial Associations

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— Simon Sinek