Will You See More Soliciting in Forsyth County?


An update to Forsyth County Door-to-Door Solicitation Ordinance might mean door-to-door soliciting in your HOA. The recent amendment officially was made to clarify the exiting ordinance and the rules regarding door-to-door soliciting. According to officials in Forsyth County, one of these updates means that a No Soliciting sing at the front of a community does not apply to the individual homes in the community. Instead, homeowners would need to have their own No Soliciting signs.

It will take some time to see exactly how this ordinance is enforced, but HOA residents might see more door-to-door salespeople walking through their neighborhood, or a variety of No Soliciting signs going up around the neighborhood. HOAs should consider guidelines about what size and style of No Soliciting signs to allow, so that residents can relax at home without disturbances, but the appeal of the neighborhood isn’t lowered by large or garish No Soliciting signs.

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