How is HMS Working to Go Green

Pictured: Earth, including the HMS office, all of our clients, and all of our team.

Pictured: Earth, including the HMS office, all of our clients, and all of our team.

Earth Day is the perfect time to take a look at what you can do to help out the planet a bit more in your everyday life. At HMS, we’re trying to do more this year to make our company a little less wasteful and a little better for the environment. After all, we all live here; why not keep it beautiful?

Around the Office

Community Association Management involves a lot of paper. There are always more permits to get, insurance records to show, forms to fill out, and documentation to provide. So far in 2019, HMS has moved much of our internal paperwork to electronic solutions so that we can run things smoothly around here with as little waste and impact as possible.

We continue to recycle cardboard, plastic, and used toner cartridges to make our neighborhood just a little bit cleaner. This year, it was time to replace the lights in our offices, and we were able to go with a more energy-efficient choice than before!

Not Paperless, But Less Paper

HMS sends a lot of mail, but we’re working to limit that as much as possible. Unfortunately, many governing documents require an Association to send notices by mail, especially documents that were written more than a decade ago.

Even though some important information can be sent electronically, we need to be totally sure that it’s getting to that homeowner. You never know when someone has changed email addresses, whether because of a new job, a marriage, or any other reason. HMS can be much more confident that every one the information they need by sending a paper copy right to everyone’s door. It’s a big roadblock towards going paperless. HMS is very excited to be able to offer methods for homeowners to opt in to receiving certain communications by email rather than mail, hopefully later this year!

So, it might be hard for an Association to go paperless, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use less paper. What HMS can do is work on making it easier for homeowners to communicate to their Association and to HMS electronically. In 2019, HMS is going to make more and more of our forms and paperwork easier to fill out electronically. You can look forward to fewer forms that need to be printed out, and better use of fill-able PDFs, electronic signatures, and online polls.

Working Remotely

With more-efficient internal processes, it’s becoming easier than ever for HMS’ team members to work remotely without missing a thing. We’re able to take advantage of new technology so that our employees can spend their time helping you, rather than being stuck in traffic. If you’re looking for a career where you aren’t glued to a cubicle chair all day, then why not take a look at working for HMS?

Go Green and Save Some Green

These technologies aren’t just about helping the environment or fighting global warming: they’re also about being more efficient. We want to keep our costs down and spend as little time as possible dealing with printing, copying, or scanning, so that we can focus more on providing the best service to all of our clients.


Do you have any ways you’re going green around your home and around your office? Do you have any ideas for HMS to work more efficiently and more environmentally-friendly? Let us know in the comments below!