Website Upgrades Coming Next Week

Next week, HMS will be upgrading all of our community websites to a new platform that is faster and easier to use for everyone! When you log in on Tuesday, the 18th, you’ll reach a better version of your community’s website.

No Need To Re-Register

All of your existing Registrations will still work! For security reasons, you’ll be prompted to reset your Password, but the new platform will still connect you to your community’s website like before.

Easier Navigation

Our new, more flexible website platform will ensure that the only information you see is information relevant to your community. You’ll know exactly what page to use to reach the right department at HMS.

Find the Exact File You Need

With our new Downloads page, you’ll be find the exact file you’re looking for right away. You can see every Category on the left side, and can filter to find the exact file when you have dozens to scroll past! We've heard your feedback about what is confusing and unintuitive on the website, and we have more improvements coming! Check back tomorrow for a look at making it easier to work with us on those pesky rules violation letters!