Are You Ready For Pool Season?

Pool Season is back, baby!  Take a look at these steps to help your summer swimming adventures go smoothly.

Make Sure Your Dues Are Paid

If you have an open, or past-due, balance with your HOA, then you might not be allowed to use the pool.  Your individual key fobs or access cards might be turned off, keeping you locked out.  Log in to your HMS community website to check your balance or make a payment.

Once you're paid up, be sure to let HMS know to re-activate your cards or key fobs.  It's easier to double-check that you're good to go during the week, instead of learning your're locked out of the pool on Saturday morning!

Sign Up for Swim Lessons

Whether you're a young kid or a grown adult, learning how to swim is one the best ways to prevent drowning.  Find swimming lessons offered at a local pool, and sign up yourself or your kids.  You'll have more fun, be more confident, and you'll have a safer summer.

Tell Us When Something is Wrong

HMS has great relationships with the best pool care companies in the state, but we can't have eyes everywhere.  If there's a problem with the gate, fence, lighting, or anything inside the pool, then let us know.  Our new, mobile-friendly forms at let you show us exactly what is wrong.

If there is a fecal contamination or an "accident" in the pool, then call right away.  Your pool will need to be closed and chemically treated before it is safe to swim again.  You can even reach us on weekends for emergencies.

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.
— President Woodrow Wilson