Tips to Help Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card fraud is a very real threat these days, but it's hard to think of every vulnerability that criminals might try to take advantage of to hurt you.  Everyone knows that you should only enter your credit card online to websites you trust (After all, that's why HMS only handles online payments through secure channels.), but what about more old-fashioned methods?

One of our homeowners told us they recently had their new credit card stolen right out of their mailbox.  Oftentimes with new credit cards, a phone number and the numbers on the card are all that's necessary to start spending.  If you are expecting a new credit card in the mail, be sure to keep an eye on your transactions so you can let your bank now as soon as you see something suspicious.

If your community was build with mail kiosks instead of mailboxes, then you might have an extra layer of security there, but criminals are always looking for new ways to harm others for their benefit.