The Importance of Continuing Education

Community Association Management is a constantly changing profession.  Advancing technologies, changing laws, and new court cases all point to one truth: a management firm that doesn't keep up with the times is not equipped to tackle their responsibilities.  That is why HMS focuses so strongly on continuing education for all our Association Managers.

With so much to learn, continuing education is the most important service offered by the Community Associations Institute, or CAI.  CAI is an international organization that promotes standards and best practices in all aspect of Association life, and gives out credentials to individuals who can prove to truly be the masters in their profession.

CAI is not the only group offering classes and programs that help our team learn more.  Regular training sessions and seminars are also offered by local law firms and from service providers that handle mold and natural disaster restoration.  Routinely brushing up on changes to the world of Community Association Management ensures that HMS stays ahead of the curve.  After all, for a Community Association Manager to do their job properly, he or she needs to know about every aspect of HOA and Condominium life.

Expanding knowledge and developing new skills are top priorities for HMS.  We are proud to say that our Association Managers are among the most qualified and educated in the field.  Don't just take our word for it: you only need to take a look at the CAI Scholarship page to see how much HMS values and stresses continuing education.  As of February 2018, HMS team members have won 4 of the 6 scholarships given out in Georgia!

After all -- the more we learn, the better service we deliver to our clients.