Are We Going to See a City of Sharon Springs?

For the past few years, there has been an organized effort to get the City of Sharon Springs established in Forsyth County.  Dedicated volunteers in the area have organized studies and surveys to convince the powers that be of some benefits for the residents from the proposed City.

The reason for this grassroots push comes down to rapid growth in the South Forsyth County area bringing new construction and large developments, increased traffic, and crowded schools.

One goal that these volunteers have is to create as little new government as possible.  Using a "City Light" model, they hope to bring some powers and oversight to the local area, but not creating overlapping government organizations.

There has been a lot of real progress in getting the new City established.  Right now, a Bill is moving through the State legislature to establish the new City of Sharon Springs, and a major decision might only be a few weeks away.