Yahoo has Corrected the Issue that was Blocking HMS Emails

Anyone using email addresses ending in,, and should once again receive all of HMS’ emails. Yahoo confirmed that they were mistakenly blocking many of HMS’ emails, and they have corrected their problem.

For more details, see the following excerpt from our software provider, CINC Systems.


Per our previous Recent Updates, Yahoo, AOL and Verizon were rejecting emails sent from our email server to your homeowners who utilize these email providers. These email providers fall under a new Verizon subsidiary called OATH. With this consolidation, OATH updated their Privacy Policy and instituted comprehensive blocking of emails that many companies like CINC are experiencing. This was occurring even though our email sending reputation is listed as very good, as reported by several independent rating sites.

We have been working with Yahoo for over a month now and have completed every recommended action to ensure our emails are free to flow through to the recipients. We've also been working directly with their support team to understand the issue, which they indicated was due to an email server change. We've been using the same email server for years and have continually expressed that to them. Finally, our case was escalated to their engineering team early this week.

Today, we received official confirmation from Yahoo that their algorithms had not been categorizing our emails correctly. Over the last 24 hours, we've seen the successful email flow to Yahoo recipients increase substantially from less than 1% to over 99%. We're optimistic that Yahoo (OATH) has corrected their algorithms and the issue is resolved. We will continue to monitor this with Yahoo (OATH).