Behind the Scenes With HMS' New Website

If you're reading this, then you've noticed HMS' new website.  Here's some of the background about our new website: the features and the decisions, and also some of what's still to come!

Improved Mobile Capability

HMS' previous website platform did not provide a mobile-friendly experience.  Features like drop-down menus and mouse-over images just don't work well on every device, and a website that causes headaches for our clients is going to cause headaches for us.  That's why our new website responds to your device and your screen size to ensure that everything is displayed properly.

Better Communications

When you open the Contact menu at the top of the page, you will see more options for reaching out to HMS.  These different pages save time for you by directing more questions to the relevant HMS staff members right away.

Coming Soon: Your New Association Website

So, there's a new flashy website up front, but what about after you log in?  HMS is currently working on new community websites that are a huge upgrade to our clients.  We've been receiving feedback from homeowners and Board members for years, and are proud to announce our upcoming changes.  Look forward to more intuitive pages whether you are downloading documents, making payments, or reviewing your account.  There will be no more sorting through features that your community doesn't use either: you'll have a website tailored to the exact set of services that HMS provides your Association.  By the end of 2018, HMS is confident that we will be offering the best online experience possible.

Why Not a New Smart Phone App?

Exactly the mobile experience we do  not  want to offer. From:

Exactly the mobile experience we do not want to offer. From:

We are often asked about a mobile app for our homeowners to use to make a payment or quickly see a calendar.  Too often, a smartphone app only offers a bare-bones version of a desktop website that is lacking features.

HMS provides plenty of website customization for our clients, with different HOAs, condos, and office use needing everything from photo galleries to clubhouse calendars to utility payments.  Being able to customize these features on a client-by-client basis with a smartphone app takes a lot more work, and that means a lot more money.  For HMS to keep our costs down and offer a more simple product, we are going to stick with one website that is optimized for whatever device you use.