Plans and Programs

A Bird’ Eye View

Tailored Association Services

HMS offers a variety of plans, and allows the Board to select the level they desire. The association only pays for the services it needs. In addition, Boards can add or remove services in the future as volunteer availability changes. Respecting budget concerns in regards to management fees, and every other line item, is one of the benefits of using our company.

Levels of Service

In a complex industry, we keep it simple.

Let’s make the process easy! Service levels are established based on the needs of the Association. Follow the guide below and HMS can easily understand and meet the requirements of your community.

Select Your Relationship

All packages begin with accounting services. Knowledge about the Association’s financials is a critical element in terms of properly managing all other aspects of the community.

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Select Your Frequency of Visits

This section addresses the number of predetermined Association visits necessary to manage the property. It is based on the Board’s wishes, the average workload, and current volunteer participation.

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Select Optional Services

Multiple industry leading programs are available to ease Board workload and enhance efficiency. Please take some time to consider each option, as many are available at no cost to the Association.

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Enjoy Complimentary Services

All HMS clients enjoy a wide variety of complimentary services.

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Before You Decide…

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Your nest deserves the best!